Aggression and Family Life!

What a sighting!

20140713 - CS1_3326 - E

This afternoon the Thanda guests got a great display of Lion family life combined with signs of aggression!

When Thanda’s dominant male and his family (two adult females and six cubs) walked out onto a savanna area they were greeted by the presence of another adult male Lion.

20140713 - CS1_3341 - E

The older female showed immediate signs of aggression towards the second male. A growling match followed. Thanda’s dominant male just observed the situation and placed himself between the second male and his pride.

20140713 - CS1_3363 - E

They all settled on the side of a road and they remained there for a long time. While the adults had their shouting match the little ones grouped around one of the females, played a bit and had a little snooze 🙂

20140713 - CS1_3348 - E

An exciting day for Thanda’s young Lions and for our guests!

2 Replies to “Aggression and Family Life!”

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful wild life at Thanda. Nice to have parents around you to protect you…

  2. What an Awesome sighting! A great day for your guest. Have yo been able to determine the sexes of the three cubs from an earlier post? I still think it’s two girls and a boy.Have A Great One!

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