A Leopard and his Tracks

20140915 - CS0_0728 - E

The main job of Thanda’s expert trackers is to find and interpret the signs which animals leave when they move through the bush. Foot imprints, droppings/dung , broken branches, depressed grass and cut leaves lying around the ground are only a few of these marks. Thanda guests are always fascinated to see how our Zulu trackers are able to pick up these signs.

This collage shows one of Thanda’s beautiful Leopard males and very visible Leopard footprints. Unfortunately most of the time the tracks are not that clear and obvious 🙂

3 Replies to “A Leopard and his Tracks”

  1. Always so amazing, obviously another excellent photo from your lens Christian.

  2. Hummm…interesting. Great photo. They are quite elusive if I remember correctly. Thanks for sharing.

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