Wildlife Weddings

The new Thanda Wedding Brochure!
We worked hard on this new brochure, and I think it turned out very well – have a look!
PS: And it even has a few of my own wedding and wildlife pics in it 🙂

Thanda Weddings

Please have a browse of our beautiful new Thanda Wedding flipbook which is available to view online.

There’s nothing more magical or more memorable than a new life started in the African wilderness. We have hosted many a magical wedding at Thanda, with each celebration as individual as the bridal couple themselves. In Zulu culture, marriage is seen as a way to build ubuntu – a shared belief in the importance of compassion, humanity and community. It’s for this reason that weddings at Thanda are celebrated with such great spirit and collective passion.

To view the flipbook online (low resolution), please click on the following link: http://www.edvc.com/Thanda/TW-V16/TW-V16.html 

To view the flipbook online (high resolution), please click on the following link: http://www.edvc.com/Thanda/TW-V16HR/TW-V16HR.html

Thinking of exchanging your wedding vows in the bush? If so please send an email to weddings@thanda.co.za and we can tell you more about what we offer and our…

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2 Replies to “Wildlife Weddings”

  1. The Flipbook is beautifully done…makes me want to get married all over again at Thanda!

  2. Oh, Forgot to say I love your header. My favorite animals but don’t ask me why. Thanks for the call. Great talking to you. Stay cool!

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