On the rough roads again ……

20140918 - CS3_9852 - E

Hurray! The insurance company paid out yesterday and I got my new Toyota Fortuner today 🙂

After my incident with the cow (http://wp.me/P1rzfb-1js) my old car was written off and I drove a small rental VW Polo for the last month. The little car served me well but I could not go all places I wanted to go or needed to go.

That’s over now. I am back in a Fortuner and ready for the rough roads and the rain-season-weather ahead.

But NO cows please 🙂

One Reply to “On the rough roads again ……”

  1. Looks nice. Did your other one have that special front bumper? Looks like you are ready to push something big…hopefully not a cow!

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