No camera :-) :-(

What an evening.

As I drove up to the Lodge on Friday evening  – for a meeting – a Leopard appeared around a corner in front of my vehicle and calmly walked up the road for about ten minutes, illuminated by my headlights, before settling down next to my car in the bushes.

On the way home an Aardvark crossed the road in front of me and stayed for about five minutes on the road, just sniffing around.

Now that was the good part of the evening, the bad part was that I had no camera with me. A beginner’s mistake!

But I will never forget these sightings, especially my first Aardvark on Thanda.

no camera


These two images are of similar sightings a few years ago (with camera :-))

5 Replies to “No camera :-) :-(”

  1. I agree with de Wets Wild… How many times it’s happen to me too. Most recently a sharp shinned hawk in my back yard at the pond. If I had moved to get my camera she would have flown. I decided to just absorb the moment, although it’s not like seeing a leopard. 🙂

  2. I have started to feel that I should always have a camera in case something happens!

  3. Not even a cell phone? Oh wait…that was a stupid question considering where you are at! (o:

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