A heron, a band of mongoose and the king of Pakamisa

20141013 - CS3_9378 - E

Sometimes a drive from the Pakamisa lodge to the horse stables can turn into a nice game drive. I first encountered a band of mongoose running across the road and I managed to take a picture as they quickly disappeared into thick bush.

Then I had my first ever sighting of a Black-headed Heron perching on of the stable fences.

20141012 - CS3_8990 - E

And last but not least we encountered a beautiful, dark and very large male Giraffe. His name is Rufus and he is considered the king of Pakamisa 🙂

20141013 - CS3_9385 - E



4 Replies to “A heron, a band of mongoose and the king of Pakamisa”

  1. Wow. One of my best memories of taking your class was feeding the giraffe. Thanks. Kathy

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  2. All the photos you have posted here are awesome. But the Heron is gorgeous. The aperture setting you used is perfect, keeping the foreground in focus, it accentuates the heron. The greens in the photo are soft & seems to point their way to the bluish grey tones of the heron. The wood it’s standing on is all wonderfully gnarly. Perfect 🙂

  3. Great pics. The one of the Heron is Awesome. I can’t say that I have ever seen a Black headed Heron. he’s beautiful. And the Giraffe reminds me so much of Congo.

  4. Have been traveling so getting to some of your post late but really love these images. But then I think that of all your images. Thought Fall would be early in Tennessee this year but not so…hopefully it will be just right for the Camera Club Council of TN outing to Fall Creek Falls this weekend. Les and I were there for a look see early this week and things were just starting to change. I know the grasses change there, what about the local trees? How about doing a study of your changing seasons for your followers.

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