Modern Zulu – Traditional Zulu

20141129 - CS0_2217 - C

Today I had the opportunity to do a rather special photo shoot. A group of young Zulu dancers from one of the local communities is performing regularly for the Thanda guests. This afternoon I got the chance to take some pictures of the group in daylight, as they normally only perform in the evenings around a camp fire (with not very good light for photography).

But I was not only taking pictures of them dancing in their traditional attire, but I also took portraits and group shots in their modern day-to-day outfits. Nowadays, as in many other cultures, traditional Zulu dress is only used on special occasions and festivities.

I really like these two portraits of this young dancer, one as a modern Zulu and one in traditional attire. Stay tuned for more images from this photo shoot …

Afternoon Guests

This week, when sitting in my office, I had two repeat guests at Thanda house. On various occasions the breeding herd of Elephants came to drink at the waterhole and Thulani, one of our two large and old Elephants bulls, made his way from the water along the the fence around our garden. And a pair of Striped Kingfishers made their home in our garden. Both birds get very excited about their reflection in my office windows and they knock at them regularly. These good looking little birds are very territorial and obviously not too bright 🙂

20141128 - CS2_0783 - E

20141128 - CS2_0791 - E

The Horse Photographer :-)

20141121 - CS3_3297 - E - CSP

I love Wildlife Photography but I also enjoy taking pictures of horses in action (with riders or without).

The picture above is of …
… me and Kara, a pure Arabian mare, looking at one another after a photo shoot.
… Isabella Stepski – Pakamisa’s owner – holding Kara.
… Mark – a Pakamisa guest – on Zulu (a Boerperd) smiling at the unusual scene with me posing in front of the camera :-).

Thanks to Daan for taking the picture!

Below are a few more images from my last stay at Pakamisa. Enjoy the variety!

20141121 - CS0_1616 - E
Tina on El Dorado “speeding”

20141120 - CS2_0152 - E
Two geldings on the way to dinner

20141120 - CS2_0170 - E
Excitement at the stables

20141121 - CS3_3047 - E
A Wildebeest with war paint 🙂

20141121 - CS3_3175 - E
New arrivals – Impala fawns appearing all over the place

Another picture of me on Badger – having a good time!

20141120 - CS3_3003 - E
Sunset at Pakamisa



Best of KwaZulu Natal

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My brother Stefan visited me from Germany. He stayed in South Africa for the last two weeks.

We had a great time at three of the best places KwaZulu Natal has to offer!

First we enjoyed pure luxury on the Indian ocean staying at The Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga. Then we moved on to my “home ground” to experience the Big Five at Thanda Private Game Reserve in the heart of Zululand. The last five days we spent horse riding and relaxing on Pakamisa Private Game Reserve with its magnificent views over the hills of Northern KwaZulu Natal.

A perfect way to spend two weeks in Africa. What a life!

Ellis and Hippos :-)

20141119 - CS2_0003 - C

Today I went the first time on a Lake Jozini morning cruise. This large lake is located in Northern KwaZulu Natal, between Mkuze and Pongola, along the N2.

Despite the overcast weather I got some great Elephant and Hippos shots.

This picture shows a large herd of Elephants (over sixty individuals) coming for a “lake-side” morning drink stop. We spend almost one hour observing the Elli family life.

After we left the Elephants we saw a herd of Cape Buffalo on the opposite side of the lake and we observed Nile Crocodile, Common Reedbuck, Juvenile African Fish Eagle, White-faced Whistling Duck, African Javana, Spur-winged Goose, Egyptian Goose, Grey Heron, Secretary Bird, Western Great Egret, Marabou Stork, African Jacana, African Spoonbill, Red-billed Oxpecker and a few pods of Hippo.

The second image shows one of the Hippos “mock-charging” our boat. This female let us know that she wanted us keep our distance, which we did 🙂

What a day!

20141119 - CS3_2739 - C


20141115 - CS3_1697 - C

Hippos are quite aggressive. To one another and to anyone who challenges their territory.

The picture above was taken yesterday during a “Hippo and Crocodile” tour on the estuary of Lake St.Lucia.

And so were the pictures below: Nile Crocodile, Yellow Weaver, Pied Kingfisher, Grey Heron, Great Egret, Swift Tern, Frey-headed Gull, Caspian Tern, African Fish Eagle and a Baby Hippo.


Watch her!

20140202 - CS1_9709 - E2

It is not easy to get prey and predator into the same picture, unless on occasions when one is eating the other :-).

But on this evening a Thanda North Pride Lioness was resting on a waterhole wall as a Giraffe female kept an eye on her; both in the right position for a great photo opportunity. After a while the Lioness walked off in one direction and the Giraffe the opposite way.