The Horse Photographer :-)

20141121 - CS3_3297 - E - CSP

I love Wildlife Photography but I also enjoy taking pictures of horses in action (with riders or without).

The picture above is of …
… me and Kara, a pure Arabian mare, looking at one another after a photo shoot.
… Isabella Stepski – Pakamisa’s owner – holding Kara.
… Mark – a Pakamisa guest – on Zulu (a Boerperd) smiling at the unusual scene with me posing in front of the camera :-).

Thanks to Daan for taking the picture!

Below are a few more images from my last stay at Pakamisa. Enjoy the variety!

20141121 - CS0_1616 - E
Tina on El Dorado “speeding”

20141120 - CS2_0152 - E
Two geldings on the way to dinner

20141120 - CS2_0170 - E
Excitement at the stables

20141121 - CS3_3047 - E
A Wildebeest with war paint 🙂

20141121 - CS3_3175 - E
New arrivals – Impala fawns appearing all over the place

Another picture of me on Badger – having a good time!

20141120 - CS3_3003 - E
Sunset at Pakamisa



4 Replies to “The Horse Photographer :-)”

  1. Really nice to see you in the photos now and then Christian. So gald you havePakamisa to get away and Badger to get you out and about there. All the photos are great! So much to ge grateful for in our lives…you have a good Thanksgiving!

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