Long Walk to Freedom

A great story …

Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

_MG_5447 - E

Pakamisa has just released a male & a female serval on to the reserve. The two animals were donated by Durban’s centre for the rehabilitation of Wildlife (CROW http://www.crowkzn.co.za). We are looking forward to spotting one of these beautiful creatures on our game drives.

These are a few pictures from delivery to release in October 2014.


The delivery vehicle!


Out of the transport box!


Close ups!

_MG_5420 - E

A shy gentleman!

_MG_5460 - E

This is the more adventurous lady!

_MG_5408 - E

Ready to go!

_MG_5447 - E

Successful walk into freedom!

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4 Replies to “Long Walk to Freedom”

  1. What beautiful photos of the servals magnificent ears and markings
    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  2. Awesome! It is outstanding went a successful rehab takes place and this male and female Serval were released! One of my favorite cats! Thank you for sharing Christian ~

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