Rovos Rail Ride 2015 – Official Photographer

rovos map

For next year I had planned to spend three winter weeks exploring Kruger National Park. But this has to wait for another year.

I am now very much looking forward to two weeks on one of the world’s most luxurious trains. From 4 July to 14 July I will be joining the Rovos Rail Ride 2015 as the official photographer. This very special program uses the train as the basis for the worlds most luxurious mountain bike experience: 1569 Kilometers (=975 Miles), four countries (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia) in six days!

For the first group of guests the six day trip starts in Pretoria (South Africa) and ends at the Victoria Falls (Livingstone/Zambia) and then the train moves back to Pretoria the same route with the second group. I am looking forward to the beautiful scenery along the way and to my first trip to the Victoria Falls.

For more information on the Rovos Rail Ride 2015 go to | For more information regarding Rovos Rail go to

PS: As you might guess I will not be riding a mountain bike myself, I will be using four wheels for transport 🙂

rovos collage 2

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