A relaxing day!

20141225 - CS5_1119 - E

For some people a relaxing day means sitting comfortably at home and reading a book or watching a movie. For some it means to go window-shopping at a large mall. Others would like nothing better than to go to a pub or working out at a gym.

Well, my idea of a relaxing day is to pack a cooler box with drinks and food, fetch all my camera equipment, my binoculars and my bird book (=iPad) and install myself at a hide on a waterhole at a game reserve.

That is what I did on Christmas day.

While listening to a good audio book I took images of many different animals coming to the water. For most of the day 11! Rhinos kept me company. While other nature enthusiasts where coming and going I stayed for the whole day at the hide.

And these are sixteen of the pictures I took during this most relaxing day!

3 Replies to “A relaxing day!”

  1. Soundl like a perfect day to me! Great photos, Christian. Thanks for sharing all you adventures with us and needless to say we are already looking forward to your 2015 adventures. Happy New Year to you!

  2. Most relaxing day I will say. Awesome pictures. I see it’s time for the babies there. They can be so much fun to watch as they begin to explore their new world.Have a Great One!

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