An “unhappy” snake!

20150115 - CS3_0459 - C

I usually do not like to anthropomorphize animals but this Southern Vine Snake gave the appearance of being “unhappy”. Close to shedding its skin it was moving slowly through a tree as we spotted the snake. When I got a bit closer to take some pictures it obviously felt a bit threatened (for a short while). It inflated its neck to display the bright skin between the scales to impress its opponent. It work for me :-). This slender snake has a very bright orange tongue with a black tip.

Vine Snakes are rather shy and usually very relaxed. As with the Boomslang the chance of getting bitten is quite low. Its venom is highly haemotoxic and if a bite is not treated quickly it can be fatal. There is no anti-venom available.

It was the first time I was able to get images of this shy neighbor. What a great day!

PS: The eyes of this Vine Snake look “clouded” as it was close to skin shedding time.

20150115 - CS2_0499 - C


20150115 - CS2_0438 - C

20150115 - CS2_0418 - C

4 Replies to “An “unhappy” snake!”

  1. Good photos of an unhappy snake 🙂 I like pic’s of snakes, even though it’s eyes were cloudy. Sounds like a snake on shouldn’t try to encounter.

  2. I am so looking forward to coming to Thanda 😉 this summer (your winter) And I’m bring several members of my family too.
    Happy, happy!

  3. They probably feel vulnerable when the are shedding. Interesting! They don’t bother me except for that moment when you first see them… unless you are within striking distance. (o:

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