Family Time

A Giraffe story 🙂

This is a short picture story about one of Thanda’s youngest Giraffes and her family. Thanda guests always enjoyed observing Giraffes’ family life!

20150118 - CS3_0558 - TBonding with daddy

20150118 - CS2_0573 - TMum and aunties looking after the little one

20150118 - CS3_0515 - TTry that

20150118 - CS3_0544 - TUmbilical cord!

20150118 - CS2_0542 - TMother and child

20150118 - CS2_0604 - TFamily picture

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

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3 Replies to “Family Time”

  1. Beautiful pic’s of the giraffes, especially the baby & mama. Looks like it’s a dry summer so far?

  2. I love seeing photos of the giraffes as they are my favorite. I enjoy going to the Nashville Zoo to visit Congo and his “ladies”.

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