Eye Level

20150422 - CS3_5890 - E

It takes a bit of experience to keep shooting pictures when a Black Rhino bull gives you a proper warning charge and comes up within meters of your vehicle. The first few times the adrenalin level is so high that pressing that shutter button is just not an option :-).

Today, one of Thanda’s Black Rhino bulls gave me such a charge, but I was not sitting high up in my game viewer as usual, but I was straight on eye level in my Toyota Fortuner. This picture shows the gentlemen in full charge, only turning away a few meters in front of my car. My 300mm lens was too long to shoot the complete sequence. For the second part of this process I had only his head in my viewfinder!

These type of exciting motion photo shoots are my favorites!

20150422 - CS3_5898 - E

6 Replies to “Eye Level”

  1. These are among my favorites. I love seeing the whole face so close that you feel you can hear their thinking. THANKS!! Doris Ann Hendrix, Nashville, Tennessee

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