Ithemba – Hope !

A new Thanda Rhino!

20150523 - CS1_7683 - E

Most of the news about Rhinos are about poaching and death. But today we have some good news!

A newly born White Rhino calf.

20150523 - CS3_7584 - E

Thanda guests were delighted to encounter this little Rhino calf with her mum. The little girl is less than two weeks old, but has already an inquisitive nature.

20150523 - CS3_7613 - E

Mum is very protective of her little girl and walked her around the game drive vehicle up to the road. Then both of them disappeared into the bush.

20150523 - CS1_7652 - E

Sightings like these give one hope (Ithemba in the Zulu language), that these magnificent creatures will survive the human desire for their horns!

And, incidentally, this is a picture taken 16 month ago, when the little one was conceived:

20131230 - CS1_6150 - E - SIG

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Specialist Photography Guide and Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Private Game Reserve

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