Three leopards – one kill!

Leopard Photo Night!

20150521 - CS1_6868 - E_2 My favorite image from this sighting

When Pieter, Thanda’s Head Guide, followed the call of the small Black-backed Jackal it led him and his Thanda guests to an incredible sighting (also see yesterday’s blog message

Not one, not two, but three adult Leopards were competing for the same kill. A large Warthog had been killed by one of them. When the human observers arrived the larger of two males was feasting on the main part of the Warthog. The female had taken her share into a tree and was eating there while the third cat, a smaller male, hung around in the area, obviously agitated at missing out on the food. He even gave the game viewing vehicle a bit of a warning charge before he settled down and waited for his turn.

This incredible situation was observed by all guests on game drive before everyone returned excited to the…

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