A two nights stay at Thanda = Great sightings (the weather gods were on our side) and some excellent photo opportunities for our guests – I love my job!

20150929 - CS1_1036 - T

Spotting the rosettes of this male Leopard completed the ‘Big Five’ sightings for a group of Swedish Thanda guests during their stay.

On only three drives they encountered a breeding herd of Elephants moving across the reserve, a South Pride Lioness drinking at a small waterhole, a Spotted Hyena scouting, the Thanda North Pride of Lions running into a crash of White Rhinoceros and a journey of Giraffes, Vervet Monkeys eyeing the safari vehicle with suspicion, Lions on a Zebra kill, two male Cheetah resting in the morning sun, a Zebra mum and her calf on the move, Blue Wildebeest avoiding the Cheetahs, a herd of Buffalo disturbing three Kudu bulls at their morning drinks stop, a Common Duiker accelerating very fast,  and many groups of Nyala and of Impala browsing and grazing.  And just before a beautiful sunset the Leopard was the last sighting of the day and of these guests’ visit to…

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