Double Release!

Removing a snake from a place where it should not be can be a tricky business. And if the snake is a Black Mambas then it gets extra exciting.

20151227 - CS2_2430 - E

Yesterday, I caught the largest Black Mamba I have ever seen (see video 1). This beautiful specimen was rather calm during the capture. I released it this morning in a remote part of the reserve.


And then midday today I was called to catch another of these fast moving snakes. This one was more ‘feisty’ and was quite agitated during the capture and the release (see video 2).

But in the end everything went well and both snakes can establish their new homes far away from people and buildings 🙂

The picture credits for today go to Letishia Kleinschmidt and Jennie Pretorius. Thanks a lot. My favorite shot of today is Jennie’s picture of a ‘Black Mamba Selfie’ :-).

20151227 - CS2_2520 - E

3 Replies to “Double Release!”

  1. Reblogged this on Thanda Private Game Reserve and commented:
    These two videos show Christian Sperka – One of Thanda’s field guides and its Resident Wildlife Photographer – relocating two Black Mambas to a remote part of the reserve. Very exiting footage of these amazing creatures.

  2. Oh my gosh. How long were the snakes? That looks way scary. Glad you were safe.

    1. It is not easy to say. They do never stretch out for a proper measurement 🙂 The capture process only takes seconds between the time I get to see the snake properly and when it is deposited in my transfer barrel. And as you can see from the video the release only allows for seconds of viewing. But my guess is that the first snake was about 3 meters ~ 10 feet and the second about 2 meters ~ 6.5 feet.

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