Skill and Luck

I love my job!

Skill and Luck – Both are very important when one goes on a Safari. Spotting a Leopard in a tree is a skill, the Leopard being there at the right time is pure luck. Tracking down a Black Rhino is a skill, for the Black Rhino to stick around long enough to be able to take some good pictures is very lucky, indeed.

Thanda Safari guests on last night’s and this morning’s game drives experienced the skill and the luck!

20160210 - CS3_6967 - T

20160211 - CS3_7047 - T

Pictures by Christian Sperka – Resident Wildlife Photographer – Thanda Safari

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2 Replies to “Skill and Luck”

  1. Awesome getting to see a leopard in the daytime! Of course, I’m really glad we saw what we saw! I was really tickled we got to see the younger one two!

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