Bird of the Day – African Fish Eagle

The sound of Africa: African Fish Eagle – This picture was taken at iSimangaliso Wetland Park, KwaZulu Natal (St.Lucia Estuary).

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20070713 - GK4I0319 - E - 07
The African Fish Eagle (Haliaeetus vocifer) is found throughout sub-Saharan Africa wherever large bodies of open water occur that have an abundant food supply. It is the national bird of Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Sudan.

This species resembles the North American Bald Eagle in appearance.

The African Fish Eagle is a large bird, and the female, at 3.2-3.6 kg (7-8 lbs) is larger than the male, at 2-2.5 kg (4.4-5.5 lbs). The adult is very distinctive in appearance with a mostly brown body with a white head like the Bald Eagle and large, powerful, black wings. The plumage of the juvenile is brown in colour, and the eyes are paler compared to the adult. The feet have rough soles and are equipped with powerful talons in order to enable the eagle to grasp slippery aquatic prey.

Coat_of_arms_of_Zimbabwe.svg Coat_of_arms_of_Zambia.svg  Coat_of_arms_of_South_Sudan.svg

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