The rare ones!


Game drives in the mornings and evenings are a great way to experience the South African fauna and flora. Guests come from all over the world to see the Big Five, Giraffes, Zebras, many other common mammals and a lot of different birds. But there are a lot of shy and often nocturnal creatures which are barely ever seen on safari, even on night drives. Thanda Safari’s Wildlife Department uses camera traps for various projects. And from time to time these shy and nocturnal species are ‘caught’.

Enjoy this small collection of such rare images: An Aardvark, a group of Banded Mongooses (for once not running away from the camera), a Bushpig, a Caracal, a Honey Badger, two side-striped Jackals, two ‘mating’ Porcupines and a Serval.

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One Reply to “The rare ones!”

  1. These are good Pic’s! I really like the Serval and the Caracal, of course! Thanks for sharing Christian.

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