My Favorite Smart Devices Apps

Recently a lot of people have asked me what applications I use on my smart devices (I got an iPhone 6Plus and an iPad Pro 12.9″).

I have used and tested many (hundreds) of apps for many different purposes (I own an iPhone since the original version came onto the market). Currently I have about 150 installed on my phone and I use about half of them regularly, the others not so frequently.  Whenever possible I will use paid apps, because I believe that the creator of an app should be rewarded and most free apps have some serious shortcomings (either adverts and/or limited functionality). On my iPad I use some additional apps which make use of the Apple Pen.

Here are my favorite nine smart phone apps (for photo end video editing):


This is a picture taken with my iPhone and then edited with Camera+


And this is a video which I took with my iPhone and it was edited with VideoShop:


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