iPhone Photography

In the last few weeks I was driving a lot with journalists, photographers and many Thanda Safari guests. I had only limited time and opportunities to use my Canon DSLR. But I used my iPhone 7+ quite a bit. Here are some of my favorite iPhone shots 🙂

A drone from a visiting journalist at sunset

A Lioness having dinner …

A Zulu gentleman at his homestead …

An Elephant under the morning sky …

A Buffalo bull having a rest …

Two Rhinos close up and personal …

Getting up from the afternoon siesta …

The proud grandma with one of her grandsons …

A Cape Buffalo calf at sunset …




8 Responses to “iPhone Photography”

  1. Hendrik Goosen

    Excellent photos Christian I recently bought the Fujifilm XT2 mirrorless Maybe it was a mistake, seeing that the mirrorless camera is not so small either.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. debmanycarson

    They are outstanding photos because you have an excellent photographers eye! I use the techniques you told us too… Eye level makes so much difference!


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