Five Years in the Wild

Today, five years ago, I arrived at Thanda, my home in the African bush. What an amazing five years, meeting new friends and people from all over the world, taking thousands of wildlife images and visiting many new places.
I am looking forward to many more years living and working at this amazing place 😊

7 Replies to “Five Years in the Wild”

  1. Christian,

    Congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes for the future.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed ALL of your amazing pictures.


  2. It was a privileged to meet you and visit Thanda! I hope I will be able to visit again within the next 5 years. My visit to Thanda was awesome… Thank you for being such a good guide!

  3. Hallo Christian, Glückwunsch. Freut mich besonders, dass Dir Afrika auch so gut und immer noch gefaellt. Ich komme auch nicht davon los. Einmal infiziert – immer infiziert. CHRISTEL

  4. Christian, I am very happy that you love living there. However, you are missed by many people in Nashville and I sure miss you!

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