The Battle of Blood River …

Sorry – I have not blogged for quite a while as I was very busy before I went of my off time.

Earlier this week I visited Nambiti Game Reserve and stayed at Nambiti Plains Lodge. Then I visited the Blood River Battlefield. This battle between the Boers and the Zulus was one of the most important events which shaped South Africa’s history. A very impressive monument – build by the Afrikaans people – and a rather neglected museum – documenting the battle from a Zulu perspective – serve as reminders of this battle. And now I am at Fugitives Drift Lodge near the battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift just above the Buffalo River. One of my favorite locations in KwaZulu Natal.

Here are a few pictures – including some drone images I took during this trip. I hope you enjoy them!

The Blood River Battle Memorial … (DJI Phantom 4 Plus Drone)
Blood River Memorial … (DJI Phantom 4 Plus Drone)
The Laager – Defensive Boer position on the bank of the blood river … (Apple iPhone 7 Plus)
An aerial view from my drone … (DJI Phantom 4 Plus Drone)
The wagons … (Canon EOS 1D Mark IV)
Nambiti Plains … (Apple iPhone 7 Plus)
A bull in musth at Nambiti … (Canon EOS 1D Mark IV)
A Black-Shouldered Kite at Nambiti … (Canon EOS 1D Mark IV)
Gemsbok at Nambiti … (Canon 1D Mark IV)
The Buffalo river valley and the Fugitives Drift Lodge … (DJI Phantom 4 Plus Drone)
Fugitives Drift – Site of one of the real dramas in the British and South African history … (DJI Phantom 4 Plus Drone)

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