This week in pictures …

Arrival – Surroundings – Big – Majestic – Snakes – Creche – Ultraviolet– Crazy

One picture per day …

Sunday: New game arrival at Thanda – A Waterbuck jumping into the new home … | Canon 1 D Mark IV – f2.8 – 70-200mm L
Monday: One of the two new Cheetah brothers getting used to the new surroundings … | Canon 1 D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28-300mm L
Tuesday: A little Elephant letting me know that he is big already … | Canon 1 D Mark IV – f3.5-5.6 – 28-300L
Wednesday: Majestic look into the sunset … | Canon 1 Ds Mark III – f2.8 – 300mm L
Thursday: My last snake awareness class for this year – 10 classes with a total of over 100 people – Done! | iPhone 7 Plus and Canon 1 D Mark IV  – f3.5-5.6 – 300mm L and f4.0 – 500mm L
Shopping for my little creche project … More info at | iPhone 7 Plus
Saturday: Before my Rhino Talk the boys in the guest group showed me this Scorpion with an ultraviolet torch … | iPhone 7 Plus
Sunday: The craziest sighting so far this year – am mouse with no fear! | iPhone 7 Plus
Extra: Stepping out of my room into a glorious morning … | iPhone 7 Plus

I hope your like my weekly summary. For many more pictures please subscribe to my Instagram channel (ChristianSperkaPhotography).

PS: Based on recent requests I have added some camera information.

#christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography


3 Replies to “This week in pictures …”

  1. Always enjoy your wonderful photography and appreciate the update on supplies you purchased for the children’s school. You are a good shopper!

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