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The kids at the crèche had a great time since they returned from their holidays.

As they arrived back they encountered their new jungle gym. What a success! Every morning there is now a small stampede – once the crèche gates open – to get to the slides, swings and climbs.

And now they get every morning a bowl of flavored porridge with full cream milk to get them ready for the day.

But the best thing that happened last week was that Olivia joined Lungy (our crèche teacher) to help her teaching the kids. Olivia is an Australian primary school teacher who signed up as an Ulwazi volunteer (Ulwazi is Thanda Safari’s volunteer organization). She and her boyfriend Will, who is also a teacher, are in South Africa for four weeks to work with us at Thanda. Will is a very talented photographer (@willkentphotography) and works as my assistant for four weeks. If our ‘photo work schedule’ permits he also spends time with the kids at the crèche.

Lungy benefits greatly from learning modern teaching methods and how to use resources to provide a stimulating environment for the kids. It is very encouraging to see these two young people from overseas investing their time to help our rural communities.

I hope you will enjoy these few pictures from this exciting week! More updates about the next projects will come soon!

My heartfelt thanks to all friends of the Inkanyiso Crèche around the world who enable us with their donations to help these children.

Thanda Safari guests and followers on social media often ask about the possibility to help with donations. For more information contact me at

Any donation – small or large – helps to make the life of these little ones a bit better.

Picture credits: Will Kent, Justin Van Doorene, Christian Sperka

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  1. Keep up the good work. The kids look like they’re having fun on the swings and slides.

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