We had 40mm rain last night 😊 and the roads on the reserve are still very wet and many of them are not drive-able until they have dried up. So this evening I am not going out on drive and therefore there will be no new material today.

But I thought you might enjoy the small Warthog video I recorded yesterday morning. The pig enjoyed a good scratch after its mud bath.

For a bit of a laugh – Stay home and stay safe!

PS: Check out my lock-down site for kiddies – with a new animal pictures every day! http://www.wildlife4kids.com

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari


  1. I look forward to your emails every day. They are especially good during these trying times. Thank you!!

  2. Omg , got such a good laugh from this! We are Really enjoying your posts !💜👏

    Stacey Williams


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