The Pink Tail Operation 😊

One of Thanda Safari’s White Rhinos had an injured tail (probably from a Hyena attack) which needed medical attention, so a darting operation was scheduled for today to deal with the problem.

After the Rhino had been tranquilized, Veterinarian Dr. Trevor Viljoen had to shorten the remaining tail slightly.

We all had a good laugh at the pink bandage which was used to cover the repaired tail.

After the anesthesia reversal drug was administered it took only a few minutes before the huge creature was back to grazing.

A skilled pilot is needed to keep the Rhino in an open area after it had been darted …
… really close ..,
Dr.Viljoen and Wildlife Coordinator Mariana Venter rushing from the Helicopter to the Rhino …
The team preparing the Rhino and the site for surgery ..,
The surgery begins ….
… and bandaging the wound …
Dr.Viljoen administering the reversal drug to wake up the pink-tailed Rhino 😊

Enjoy your evening, stay home and stay safe!

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari

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