Today: Blue Wildebeest or Striped Gnu

Sometimes people forget that Wildbeest are antelopes. With their funny looks – they are one of the Ugly Five – they appear a bit like lean and upset cows 😊.

Their social interactions are rather unusual for antelopes. The males are territorial and the females are nomadic. This means that if the ladies like the local place holder they will stay with him for a while. And if not they will move on to the next contender’s area.

That is the reason why a friend of mine calls single Wildebeest bulls the losers. When ladies approach a male’s territory then he will move to a high point in his area and start displaying for them. It can look rather odd. That is the reason why the Zulu word for Wildebeest is iNkonkoni, which also means crazy.

Have a good day and stay safe!

Male territory
Mother and calf
Out of the mud bath
Having a drink
Bulk fight


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