Askaris are a group of young Elephants found in the company of an old bull. As Bheki and I drove back in my SUV from Villa iZulu to Base Camp we encountered these Askaris crossing the road.

I had to back up a little to make space for the old bull coming from the side. It might sound and look threatening but these young bulls were busy with one another and had no interest in us and the old gentlemen just passed by without even looking our way. You can see that his arrival alone calms down the young bulls immediately.

Observe the low-rumble communication. A perfect Elephant encounter 🐘

PS: The mystery bird from yesterday’s evening post was a male Golden Breasted Bunting 🐦

#Christiansperkaphotography @christiansperkaphotography #thandasafari @thandasafari


  1. Thanks to my friend Daniel for the following clarification:

    Askari is a Swahili word for warrior or soldier that comes from the maasaai. So in Tanzania or Kenya an Askari is a guard. Young bulls are called askaris because they are “guarding” or looking after the old bull like bodyguards.

    … and the old bull teaches them manners 😊

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