When they are not needed for horseback safaris then the horses on Pakamisa roam freely on the reserve.

I took this picture on Sunday when I met some of them on my morning game drive on the reserve.

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Pakamisa Youngsters

Just a few weeks ago Pakamisa celebrated the birth of two new horses. A boy and a girl 🙂

During my recent stay I got to take a few images of the the two youngsters and their mums. And just for fun I have included some wildlife images I took during the stay in the gallery.

Enjoy them!

Horses | Birds | Wildlife | Food | Beautiful Place | Pakamisa!

20150701 - CS3_5146 - P

I spent another five very enjoyable days at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve and did quite a bit of photography work.

These are only a few of the images I took during my stay!

Photo shooting Arabian Horses,20150701 - CS3_4870 - P 2

… taking images of riders cantering on the reserve,20150702 - CS2_4878 - P

… capturing birds in Pakamisa’s beautiful gardens,20150703 - CS1_5280 - P

… working with Pakamisa’s kitchen team on pictures for new menu items,20150701 - CS2_4514 - P

… photographing wildlife on game drives and20150703 - CS1_5291 - P

…. last but not least capturing the beauty of Pakamisa itself.20150703 - CS2_5238 - P

Thanda (my South African work place and home) and Pakamisa are my two favorite places in Africa!

For more information on Pakamisa go to

Looking good!

Well, you can attribute the title of this blog either to me, Badger (the horse I am riding), the Giraffe lady (with her admirer) or the fast growing Ostriches on Pakamisa :-). Have a look at all the images!

I am spending again a few of my off-days relaxing at Pakamisa (in very hot weather!)

20150108 - CS4_1388 - PBadger and me (with my special safari hat :-). Picture by Isabella Stepski

20150108 - CS2_9874 - PA lady (left) and her admirer.

20150108 - CS2_9784 - PSmall no longer. Pakamisa’s Ostrich chicks with their mum in the middle.

20150108 - CS2_9773 - PThis young Ostrich was observed by one of Pakamisa’s mares as it moved towards the stables for its evening dinner!


Baccara and Bohemia

I am back from five days at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve with people-, horse-, food- and wildlife- photography – a full program!

This is one of my favorite shots from this stay: Baccara, one of Pakamisa’s Arabian mares, with her daughter Bohemia in the background. With the help and guidance from Isabella Stepski, the owner of Pakamisa, I am steadily improving my “horse photography skills”.

More to come …

20141208 - CS2_2703 - P

The Horse Photographer :-)

20141121 - CS3_3297 - E - CSP

I love Wildlife Photography but I also enjoy taking pictures of horses in action (with riders or without).

The picture above is of …
… me and Kara, a pure Arabian mare, looking at one another after a photo shoot.
… Isabella Stepski – Pakamisa’s owner – holding Kara.
… Mark – a Pakamisa guest – on Zulu (a Boerperd) smiling at the unusual scene with me posing in front of the camera :-).

Thanks to Daan for taking the picture!

Below are a few more images from my last stay at Pakamisa. Enjoy the variety!

20141121 - CS0_1616 - E
Tina on El Dorado “speeding”

20141120 - CS2_0152 - E
Two geldings on the way to dinner

20141120 - CS2_0170 - E
Excitement at the stables

20141121 - CS3_3047 - E
A Wildebeest with war paint 🙂

20141121 - CS3_3175 - E
New arrivals – Impala fawns appearing all over the place

Another picture of me on Badger – having a good time!

20141120 - CS3_3003 - E
Sunset at Pakamisa



Pakamisa Dinner Plans!

Two images I took yesterday on Pakamisa.

20141012 - CS3_9309 - E

The first one shows some of the horses looking eagerly out of their boxes for the upcoming dinner.

20141012 - CS3_9236 - E

The second one shows Pakamisa’s Ostrich family at their evening dinner – dad, mum and 16 little Ostriches.


Close encounters!

20140421 - _MG_1400 - E_1

I was sorting and filing images when I came across some recent images Isabella took of me at Pakamisa Private Game Reserve. I miss the place and I am looking forward to going back there soon.

Enjoy the images of my close encounters!

PS: I am sure Badger is waiting – not so much for me, but for the apple treats 🙂 …

… and if you wonder who Badger is – well, he is the horse in all the pictures!

Pictures by Isabella Stepski – Pakamisa Private Game Reserve

20140421 - _MG_1386 - E_1


20140421 - _MG_1438 - E_1


Too wet to ride :-(

20131208 - CS3_1753 - E - SIG

I had a great time at Pakamisa (!

I enjoyed the birding course with Prof. Ian MacDonald, learning a lot about the birds in Kwazulu Natal and – despite the very rainy weather – I got some good bird shots. Staying at this beautiful place in the Zululand hills, enjoying the excellent cuisine and the five star service is a treat. And, as always on Pakamisa, I had the opportunity to take some good horse images.

I was only a bit disappointed that the weather did not allow for my first horse ride. Pakamisa acquired recently a horse which is strong enough to carry a portly gentleman as myself :-).

Well, I hope to be back at Pakamisa soon and I hope the weather will be good enough for my first horse ride 🙂

Picture above: Scarlet-chested Sunbird feeding in the Pakamisa lodge garden.

20131207 - CS2_6165 - E - SIG
Pakamisa’s stables.

20131209 - CS3_2120 - E - SIGTwo of Pakamisa’s Arabians. Baracka (a mare) on the left and her full brother Jamaal.

20131209 - CS3_2208 - E“My horse” at Pakamisa. This beautiful crossbred between a Thoroughbred and a Shire  named Badger is strong enough for me to ride. I am looking forward to my first ride!

20131209 - CS2_6612 - E - SIGA Ostrich portrait taken in the rain at Pakamisa.

20131208 - CS3_2037 - E - SIG

Baby Ostriches grow very fast. The seven youngsters are only three month old, but already almost as tall as their parents.

20131208 - CS3_2055 - E - SIGI (on the left) learned a lot about birds during the course with Prof. Ian MacDonald (on the right).

20131208 - CS2_6465 - E - SIGA Pakamisa bird party. These Weavers and Quelea enjoyed the leftovers from the Ostrich feeding.

20131209 - CS2_6604 - E - SIGA Golden-breasted Bunting chick calling to be fed!


20130727 - CS3_0049 - E

On Saturday and Sunday I was invited to a game reserve near Pongola named Pakamisa. This very special place specializes in exploring the African bush on horseback (for more information go to

20130728 - CS3_0365 - E - SIG


I enjoy taking pictures of these beautiful horses in action. The really good news for me is that they recently got a new horse, which will be able to take my weight. I am looking forward to my first time on a horse 🙂

20130728 - CS3_0149 - E - SIG

20130727 - CS3_9979 - E

20130727 - CS1_9968 - E