Call for Help!

Today, Thanda Private Game Reserve – my future workplace in South Africa – has lost a Black Rhino to poachers.

This is the second Rhino killed by poachers on Thanda (the first one was a White Rhino).

If you would like to help you can email Any donations, cash or items are very much appreciated. We need radios, camping gear, binoculars, cellphones, solar panels, …

If you live in the USA you can also send your donation to me and I will make sure that the money will go to Thanda’s “Save Our Rhinos” efforts. You can contact me at

Thanks for your support!

5 Replies to “Call for Help!”

  1. This makes me sick! There is a special place in hell for people who do this to our animals!

  2. This is very sad to see that people are killing these beautiful (in their own way)animals off and for no true purpose just from a myth.That part of it is just sickening.I”ll see what I can do to help. An a extra prayer to end the madness that has fallen onto these animals, they do need help.

  3. This is absolutely horrible! The sad thing is that the horn does not have the powers or medicinal value that the rhinos are slaughtered for.

  4. So sad. Stats for South Africa this year alone are already at 171 rhinos dead in 105 days (correct as of 2 days ago). Brutally horrible crime – it’s getting so out of control I’m begining to think there may be no way to stop it.

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