Picture of the Week 18 – Climb!

Small Cheetahs – as all other small cats – love to climb. Once they grow up it is much harder to get onto trees with their “semi-retractable” claws. These claws are designed like spikes to aid fast acceleration.

Nevertheless, in the picture below an adult male Cheetah climbed a low branch for a better look around in the morning mist.

Enjoy the pictures 🙂

For more Cheetah images go to http://www.sperka.biz/cheetah

One Reply to “Picture of the Week 18 – Climb!”

  1. Great photo of the cub climbing, very lovely. Cool photo of the adult cheetah on a limb in the fog. Turned out really nice. I look forward to taking similar photos next summer at Thanda 🙂

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