Going, going, gone …. Goodbye Nashville!

I had a great time in Nashville. I will miss the town, and I will miss the many animals at the zoo (as the Lynx cub, the small Tamandua and the little Clouded Leopard in the picture); but most of all the good friends I made over the last few years.

Thanks again for everything. I will miss all of you in South Africa and hope that many of you will be able to visit me there.


PS: I will continue to blog regularly from my new home. So look out for those wild blogs from the African bush 🙂

9 Replies to “Going, going, gone …. Goodbye Nashville!”

  1. Christian, Best of the best always.You will be missed. Can’t wait to see your beautiful work of art from the wild and hear some of the stories behind them. It always added a special touch to them. Have a great one. See you from the wild side.

  2. Christian, Here is wishing you safety as you travel down the road of life. Keep in touch. I always enjoy your personal style messages.

  3. Goodbye Christian…wishing you a safe journey and a life full of the things you enjoy most. ..It was great having you at our NWTPC meetings….and I am glad I got to meet you and know there are still people around that do love wildlife and seeing the beauty on all of them.
    Take care,

  4. Several of us took your basic animal photography class almost 2 years ago, and then went on safari in South Africa. The pics we took there were amazing. On one of our land rover outings a woman from Australia with a brand new DSLR was taking pictures using flash and auto mode. Her pics were horrible….she came up to Ryan and I and asked for help after seeing ours. She was convinced we worked for National Geographic…..and we never attempted to dissuade her of that. You will clearly be missed here.

    Jeffry Gordon

  5. Have a safe trip Christian and can’t wait to hear all about your new life and home in future blogs.. Be safe and happy! Wish we had gotten to know you sooner! Hopefully we will meet again some day!

  6. Your photo artistry and willingness to share your knowledge has been OUR asset, Christian, so it will be sincerely missed. But, this is your adventure, and I personally am overjoyed that you are able to fulfill a dream!
    Looking forward to future photos and stories. mac

  7. Welcome to South Africa Christian. Hope you will find as much pleasure in the wild as I have through my life.

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