Stop-over in Europe

My five day stop-over in Europe is almost to an end. I will depart tomorrow evening from Switzerland to South Africa.

I had a few very nice days with my family in Germany and today I did my farewell visit to the Zurich Zoo in Switzerland. Two real Zurich Zoo enthusiasts (Christa and Freddy B.) walked with me through the Masoala Hall (my favorite indoor rainforest exhibit), showed me the construction site of the new Elephant park and the newly opened Pantanal exhibit.

I especially like the main Pantanal exhibit with six South American animal species living together (Brazilian Tapirs, Giant Anteaters, Capybaras, Southern Screamers, Hyacinth Macaws and Green-winged Macaws).

The picture above is of a very special Orchid. It is the flower of a vanilla plant, which was blooming in the Masoala Hall. The picture below if of a Pallas’s Cat, which was not happy about me taking pictures!

Besides the Burger’s Zoo in The Netherlands and the Zoo Hannover in Germany, the Zurich Zoo is one of my favorite zoos in Europe. If you should visit Switzerland, reserve a day for this excellent zoo.

The next time you will hear from me, it will be from South Africa 🙂

Uf Wiederluege – Yebo, Sawubona!

8 Replies to “Stop-over in Europe”

  1. Well, Christian, the Pallas cat certainly doesn’t appear to be very happy with you. hahaa… But I still like him….I like the Vanilla plant flower…they seem toresemble our daffodil flower…Glad you got to see family…and are having a safe trip and god visits to the different zaoos. Until next time…take care

  2. Christian, The cat must have mistook you to say Growl for the camera instead of smile for the camera!! Or maybe it was just having a bad day. Still nice pictures. Glad your having fun visiting with family and friends.Have a Great Day and safe traveling.Next Stop S.A!!!

  3. Good to hear from you! I want to go to “your fav” Zoo in Switzerland someday ! Look forward to hearing more adventures from you. Safe travels !

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