African Wheels :-)

I got my new car today 🙂 Tomorrow I will be on the way to Thanda Private Game Reserve, my new home and workplace in Kwazulu Natal.

These are two pictures of me and my new vehicle in front of my friends’ house in Pretoria.

Thanks again to all my friends in the USA and Europe who contributed to my African car fund.

And here is a little preview of what is come: Below is a picture of a herd of buffalo which I took at one of my previous visits at Thanda.

More to follow soon …

… and for the car enthusiasts: The car is a Toyota Fortuner 3.0 Diesel – 4×4 with manual transmission (

7 Replies to “African Wheels :-)”

  1. nice….glad you have arrived safely…looking forward to seeing your adventures in the wild!

  2. I am really excited about beginning this new adventure with you. Your new car looks like it is up to the job. Waiting to hear and learn more.

  3. When I was in South Africa, 2007, I noted that all new or modern autos and small trucks were diesel powered. It was astonishing to learn that they perform on par with a petrol engine. Would you believe 240 kph in a BMW diesel car? Yeah, scary! I spent some time in Kwazulu-Natal near Pietermaritzburg and Durban while visiting a company installation. Wish I could come back.

    I really enjoyed your presentation at the Cookeville Camera Club in April. Kind regards.

  4. Nice car and already personalized!! Now it’s off to the bush… It has to be awesome to see scenery there. I hope to see soon a pic. of a leopard high up in a tree,in a slumber with it’s legs dangling off the branch (just having a lazy kind of day, you know what I mean! Be safe and have a great one.

  5. This is really vicarious living at its best. I really look forward to the post updates. Several of us have now been talking about saving for a trip.

  6. Hi Christian,
    I have been enjoying your journey as you worked your way back home.

    I do have a question about the journey of giraffe. Are you achieving the panorama look through severe cropping or are you working with a specialty format camera. Looking at the image and knowing the environment I didn’t think you had asked the giraffes to freeze for a moment while you took a second shot. I definitely like the look.

    Bob Haines
    Brentwood Photography Group, Brentwood, TN

    1. Hello Bob,

      No frozen Giraffes 🙂

      It is a crop on a regular image taken with a Canon 1D Mark IV (which has a 1.3x sensor).

      All my pictures are usually cropped to whatever I think looks best. Upon request I will crop the original to standard sizes (4×6, 8×10′ 20×30 …).

      Best regards – Christian

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