I have arrived …

After a my short visit to Germany and Switzerland I have arrived in South Africa.

The picture above is a first glance at my new home country shortly before the plane landed in Johannesburg. The weather was beautiful at my arrival – a good start!

For a few days I am staying with very good friends in Pretoria, sorting out the necessities of modern live (phone, car, … 🙂 before I will make my way to my new workplace – Thanda Private Game Reserve – in Kwazulu Natal.

The picture below documents my last look at a beautiful sunset in Zürich, Switzerland, before I boarded the plane to South Africa on Saturday evening.

More from South Africa soon ….

9 Replies to “I have arrived …”

  1. Wow Christian, sooo beautiful!! Looking out the window I can almost feel the intense feeling of excitment you must have had, as the plane began to descend into your new homeland. Cheers to you.What a beginning to a new life!! Have a great day. lisa

  2. Good luck in your new venture Christian.
    As with everything you do, you will be a huge success.

    Bet you don’t miss the Franke days 1 little bit.
    Maybe one day you can teach me how to shoot ( with a camera) the big 5 in Phinda

  3. Good Morning Christian…glad you made it safely..Liked the photo out the plane window…
    Be safe…let us hear frm you and keep the pictures coming…I do enjoy them.


  4. Looking forward to your new adventures! Be safe, but not at the expense of fun. 😉

  5. Glad you have arrived safely in your new homeland. Looking forward to your blogs and Skypes (when you can).

  6. Love seeing these shots and hearing you’ve arrived safely! Now send us a picture of your wheels !

  7. I am so glad to hear you made it safely. Please keep us posted and I agree I want to see a pic of your new car!

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