A Room with a View …

Yesterday and today I moved all my stuff into Thanda House. The office is still a “work in process”, but here are a view pictures of my room at the house.

It is certainly a room with a view. The picture with the Giraffe and my car was taken from my front door 🙂

More to come …

PS: The Journey of Giraffe was made up of 18 animals – adults and youngsters!

11 Replies to “A Room with a View …”

  1. What an incredible view! Your rooms look very nice and comfortable, too. You will not lack photo opportunities!

  2. Love the pictures! I want to come visit!

    Very seriously, I would love to find out more about a safari trip! Any info you could pass on to me would be awesome!

  3. That is wonderful! I am very envious. I think though, if I were there, I would get no work done. I would sit at my window taking pictures all day long!

  4. Nice place! What a view. What it would be like to wake up at the crack of dawn and grab a cup of coffee and just watch the morning begin with peaceful thoughts running through your mind . What serenity.What a way to start the day! By the way, I think Congo would be jealous to see what you have running around in your backyard!!

  5. Awesome! I love following your new adventure! Nice home…beautiful view. Ahhhhhh!

  6. A dream come true, Christian! I wonder how those wild dog puppies are doing that we came across on our trip to Thanda? Are there still elephants drinking from the hot tubs? Wish I were there!

  7. You have air con!!! Posh digs. Five star room. Look forward to all of the updates. Love and miss you. You really are in heaven. Max

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