Greetings after a day in the city!

When I returned this afternoon from Richards Bay, a city about 1.5 hours away from Thanda, a troop of Vervet Monkeys greeted me at Thanda House. One of them kept alarm-calling. He obviously did not trust me 🙂

A short while later a herd of Buffalo moved from East to West along the fence. When I got a bit closer to get some pictures they all focused on me for while and then lost interest and kept grasing and moving.

Tommorrow I will get my game viewing vehicle and I will start driving on the reserve learning the roads (and probably getting lost a few times in the process :-).

Good night!

8 Replies to “Greetings after a day in the city!”

  1. Fantastic! Perhaps that monkey will learn to like you!:-) Don’t get too lost on your drives. They probably don’t have a Lost and Found Department there. 🙂

  2. As for the monkey, he will trust you once he gets to know you belong there. I hope that buffalo is female because I like her earrings.

  3. How exciting to be able to see so much without even venturing away from the compound. Keep the pictures coming. I am so enjoying seeing what you are up to. Your room and office look really nice and I checked out the resort…it looks really beautiful….maybe someday!

  4. The pic of the vervet monkey is awesome! The lighting makes it shimmer as gold, Maybe he’s just letting the others know theres a new guy in town! If you get lost out there just give me a call, I’ll come find you! lol. You know I can get lost,or turned around at the zoo.But I would try. Now do I turn left at the mexican resturant? Which one I only see about ten around Have another great day..

  5. Hi Christian – It’s so nice to come to the office in the morning here in Switzerland and see your pics from beautiful South Africa – I really enjoy seeing the blue sky & the anmials. Hope you continue writing these blogs …..

  6. WOW! How long does it take you to start breathing again after you take the pictures? They are breathtaking! I have taken a couple of Jim Bartoos shots off the zoo Website for a friend of mine and made them into t-shirts. I might have to sell a kidney for the rights to put that vervet on a shirt for her.

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