A journey of Giraffe – From my “open air office”

Today to got my Land Rover Defender assigned to me, my real “open air office”. Thanda 3 is not a new Landi, but he has a lot of character 🙂

I took him for the first drive this afternoon (to start learning the roads) and I ran into a large group of Giraffe. Looking at the picture above it is no wonder that a group of Giraffe is called a Journey of Giraffe.

The two pictures below are of one of Giraffe in the evening sun and Thanda3 in front of Thanda House.

Enjoy the pictures!

16 Replies to “A journey of Giraffe – From my “open air office””

  1. The giraffe looks taller than the one we saw at the Nashville zoo. Is that true? I am so happy that you are sharing your days with us. Thank you.

    1. Hello Melanie – Thanks for your comment/question – This was a very large male, but I am not sure if he was taller than Congo – It may have to do with the lens used and the angle in which the picture was taken.

  2. Hi Christian, Your delight in your new home is so apparent….. I look forward to your updates. A journey of giraffes is so much more uplifting than a murder of crows or an assassin of ravens.

  3. Love the giraffe picture…and no, it’s not a NEW Landi……but it beats walking…and look at it like this…you don’t have to worry about getting the first scratch/dent on it. 🙂

    Have fun!

    sherri ( @ NWTPC)

  4. Simply beautiful! Makes me wish I were there.Maybe one day! Who rides in that seat at the very front of the vehicle,what are their duties? Thanks for sharing and as always Have a Great Day.

    1. Hello Lisa – Thanks for your comment/questioon – The seat upfront is for the tracker. Hia job is to spot tracks and other signs of animals, so we can find them for the guesst sitting on the back rows of the game viewer (that is the proper name for such a car). But we do not always drive with a tracker. For learing the roads I will drive by myself.

  5. Just from your pictures and Thanda Web page via my phone a family of five is in love with Thanda. Max

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