Thanda 2012 Gallery

Quite a few of you have asked me if all the pictures I am publishing on my blog are available for purchase. The answer is yes. I have created a new gallery on my website: Thanda 2012 – Direct link:

It may sometimes take a few day (after the blog has been published), before the images will appear on the gallery.

If you live in the USA or in Europe you can order prints and other products directly online. They will be produced locally and sent directly to you (So you do not have to pay shipping cost from South Africa :-))

Next to the new Thanda 2012 gallery there are thousands of other animal images available on my site –

Feel free to contact me if you cannot find your favorite image or a specific species and I will make it available to you.

PS: Today I was again in Richards Bay and I did not take any animal pictures, so I have uploaded a picture I took last year  in July on Thanda (Two young male Lions). Enjoy the image!

One Reply to “Thanda 2012 Gallery”

  1. Christian, I’ve already started making a list of my favs as they come in from your new place so I can order some. I can already see that your a going to make it hard for me to choose just which ones.They are all great from past to present. So I will have to make choices from my fav list or my place would be busting at the seams with pics. H.A.G.D.

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