Bad Luck – Good Luck

Today started with a bit of bad luck. Just driving at Base Camp I heard a hissing sound and realized that my back left tire was loosing air (fast!). So I had to do my first tire change – no problem :-).

A short while after I left the camp I realized that my right back tire was also slowly loosing air. No more spare tire, so I had to live the situation and I have to get the tires fixed tomorrow at the reserve’s workshop.

With my tire situation as it was I could not drive around a lot, and risking getting stuck somewhere on the reserve, so I spent most of my remaining game drive time next to the largest waterhole.

And here I got lucky. First a Buffalo mum and her calf came to drink (Picture below). It is very unusual to see a cow separated from the herd. The little one was quite young.

And shortly after they left a large Elephant bull made his appearance (Picture above). He chased all the drinking Giraffes away from the waterhole and had a good drink himself before he walked quietly away across the savanna.

So, after initial troubles, not a bad morning!

6 Replies to “Bad Luck – Good Luck”

  1. Sometimes life will throw us a curve, Glad things turned out o.k. My guess no AAA there! Yes I can see the buffalo being very afraid of being alone with her calf.Just saw a program this morning of a buffalo and calf wondering away from the herd. It involved five loinesses and a croc.It was wild to see it .The calf survived all that.How amazing.Have a great day, with alittle better luck your way.

  2. Hi Chris — Not surprisingly, you always seem to make the best of whatever life (or tires) throw at you. With your attitude, your success is ensure. Great photos, as always.

  3. Great photo of the mom and calf…guess that baby will grow into those big feet. Amazing how sturdy its legs are. You sure made lemonaid out of lemons today!

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