Vulture, Lions and Wildebeest

Today’s blog message is about three different sightings.

First I got a very good image of a White-baked Vulture in flight.

Below are two pictures of the Thanda North Pride (Mum, her two daughters and her son) and the young male in a tree.

And last but not least a herd of Blue Wildebeest in the evening sun.

Enjoy today’s pictures!

6 Replies to “Vulture, Lions and Wildebeest”

  1. Christian,
    Thanks for keeping us home bodies up to date on your daily travels.
    Great images. Almost like being there.
    Keep safe and keep the information coming.


  2. Chris,
    I never in my life thought I would look forward to a Blog of all things but I have to say that I am loving your everyday adventures and seeing you in your new life. It brings back wonderful memories of my trips to East Africa. Be careful out there!
    Fran Kaufman
    Memphis Docent

  3. Nice shot of the vulture, you always make it look like their posing just for you. The cats are my favorite,. especially the male in the tree.He looks focused on something in the distance.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello Christian! It appears that you are adapting quite well in Africa! Like it’s meant to be. I would love to hear details of a “day in Africa” is like in your life now.

  5. OK…at first I was really enjoying this, but now I’m starting to get jealous! Just kidding. What a great opportunity Christian. Happy for you! Keep um comin!

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