Close Encounter

Today’s morning game drive started very slow. It had been a cold night with high winds and most animals had withdrawn into thick bush.

I tried to find Elephants but the only animals I found after 1.5 hours search were a group of Giraffe. But while we were watching them a young Elephant bull walked in on us. After showing his annoyance with a few head-shakes he moved off into the forest and moved away.

For our way home to Intebane camp I had chosen a route over a hill. When we came over the ridge the six Thanda South Pride Lions walk straight towards our game viewer. I stopped the car and told everyone to sit still. The Lions passed within a few feet of our car. Very exciting for the volunteers!


We followed them for a while and I got the beautiful shot of the young south pride male.


I love Lions!

12 Replies to “Close Encounter”

  1. Christian, your posts just keep getting better and better. Knowing you, I would expect the photos to be very good, but most are outstanding (case in point: today’s closeup of the male lion). However, I’m finding that I look forward to your daily posts for your commentary as well. Viewing your daily email is a daily highlight.
    –Monte Arnold

  2. Christian, your photos and narratives are very good. We spent a couple of weeks with Mike Karantonis last year at Sabi Sabi and Londolozi. Your posts remind me of the great time we had there and what we look forward to with Mike in Kenya next month. Check my photos on facebook for our close encounter with a leopard. Ed

    1. Edward – I had a look at your Africa pictures On Facebook – great work 🙂
      I am sure you enjoyed your time in the bush with Mike Karantonis ( He is one of the best guides in the business and a very good friend! Enjoy your upcoming trip.

  3. He is a beauty! Great detail, I look at him and wonder what he might be thinking as he’s gazing across the land. BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Had to look again and again This one would be a great for your office wall. Have a great day!!

  5. Back again looking at this beautiful lion!! I sure hope that your doing something special with this one,it’s too spectacular not to.Mesmerizing.

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