Accidental Game Drive

On Sunday afternoon I was driving to the Bayete Camp on Phinda Private Game Reserve and I took a wrong turn on the way.

It was rather a lucky turn, because after a few hundred meters (or yards) I spotted a Black Rhino that developed some interest in my car. I got a few pictures before I turned around from my “accidental game drive” and got onto the right way to the camp.

My friends from Panthera ( and Phinda ( took me on a proper game drive in the evening. On that drive I took this picture with the funny Cheetah pose.

6 Replies to “Accidental Game Drive”

    1. Is “too much fun” possible 🙂
      I enjoy the bush very much. And if my (very old and beat up) Land Rover would be a bit more reliable it would be almost too perfect!

  1. Cheetah,too cute.Wow look at thoses claws. Sorry to hear that your still having trouble with your Land Rover. Sometimes old vehicles can be a pain. On the other hand the older ones are easier to work on if your ever in a bind. Been there done and have had to do it a time or two. Hope you get all the problems solved soon. Have A Great Day!

    1. Well my knowledge about cars is very limited. I know where the fuel goes in, I can check tire pressure and the fluids (oil, water, clutch and breaks) and I can change a punctured tire. Anything past that needs a mechanic 🙂
      In September I will participate in a Land Rover Off Road Driving course to learn more about these vehicles.

      But the Land Rover I currently have is a patient with a long list of problems. It spends all its “off time” in the workshop to get cured, but new problems seem to come up faster than the known ones can be taken care of 🙂

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