Breakdown and Musth!

As one of the car mechanics put it, my Land Rover finally broke down and is in the “Intensive Care Unit” 🙂

But, I still went on game drive this afternoon with another car. This vehicle can only drive on roads, because it go a roof!

But we were lucky. We ran into an Elephant bull (in musth, but still pretty relaxed), into a White Rhino and also saw the Buffalo herd. The wet back legs (from dribbling urine) and the secretion from the glands on the side of his head are clear signs that the Elephant bull is in musth.

So the new group of volunteers – which arrived today – had a good first drive.

Let’s hope I get my car back tomorrow night in time for my drive on Wednesday morning!

4 Replies to “Breakdown and Musth!”

  1. Oh no!! Not again.Sounds like you need to start looking for a burial plot for this one or better yet
    have it cremated and spread it’s ashes across the land.Where can I send flowers,it’s just a matter of time I think. What are some of the problems it would be having? To the elephant maybe he needs to find one of those specical glowing trees!!lol. I also hope your car is up and running,I MEAN RUNNING!! for Wednesday’s drive, I know it’s frustrating for you.Try to have a great one!

  2. A few people have asked me what MUSTH means. Here is the explanation:
    Musth is a periodic condition in bull elephants, characterized by aggressive behavior, accompanied by a large rise in reproductive hormones – testosterone levels.

    1. I knew what it meant, I just thought if he found one of those glowing trees it might help him to be more attractive to the ladies, I remember a story and the shared about how the males would find these glowing trees and rub on them to attract the ladies.I’m not sure if there are any of those trees in your area.

  3. Christian the trees i was thinking of are called the Fever trees. The trees that shine from afar (umHlosinga)(Acocia zanthoploea)Pic posted on 2012-04-09.Pretty Elephant pic.

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