“Bush Chicken”

They behave a bit like Chicken and they are related to them! So I nickname them “Bush Chicken”

A group of Helmeted Guinea Fowl greeted me this evening when I returned from town. As my vehicle was down again I had the time to go into town.

I started working on my South African drivers license – this will be a “length-ish” process :-).

Enjoy the picture!

6 Replies to ““Bush Chicken””

  1. Hi Christian,
    Is that a casque on her/his head like the cassowary? What a great shot – youi got its personality.

    Best wishes for your repairs and license.

    1. Hello Karen, I do not really know about the casque, but I assume it would help in thick bush as a “helmet”. Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes.

  2. I hope your car is on it’s way off the critical list and back in the bush soon. Good luck on your drivers license. Have you taken any pics. in town? Wondering what town the looks like!Have a great day in the bush with no breakdowns.

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