Never say never …

This morning I explained to the volunteers on my vehicle that Hamerkops (a medium-sized wading bird) do usually only occur around larger water bodies and are therefore normally not seen on places like Thanda (with very limited water sources).

An hour later I drove by on of our waterholes and what was wading through the water: A Hamerkop.

That teaches me never to make definite statements – I will use the word usually a lot in the future 🙂

We also got photo opportunities with a Grey Heron (in flight) and a Namaqua Dove (I love the purple color on the wings).


Even without seeing any of the big five everyone enjoyed themselves very much.

4 Replies to “Never say never …”

  1. Hi Christian
    I am happy that you are enjoying your new life in Africa! Its so awesome that we can communicate across the world. Thanks for sharing the pictures and your job with us. I wanted to let you know that Amiee is doing great as the official photographer at the zoo.But we both agree that its not the same without you 🙂

  2. Beautiful pictures of all three birds.Just noticed the new picture at the top of your blog,nice I like it.

  3. Charlie and I look forward to your posts. So happy to see that your new adventure is going well. Your photographs are amazing, and we’re inspired to keep improving our own. Wishing you safe journeys with many rare and amazing sights to capture!

  4. I’m really glad Thanda isn’t preaching a ‘perfect Big 5’ experience every time unlike some lodges push in South Africa. There is SO much more to see, equally and often more exciting 🙂

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