Force of Nature, Rhino Spa and Purple Beauty

As I am having this weekend off I went today into Mkuze Game Reserve and spent the whole day at the hides on the reserve. I got many very good pictures and will share a few of them with you over the next few weeks (on “Slow Thanda Days” :-)).

For today I have picked three pictures.

The first is titled “Force of Nature”. Four White Rhino made their way straight to the waterhole. From the angle this picture is taken they certainly look loke a force of nature.

The second picture is of a White Rhino bull having a “Rhino Spa” mud treatment. He enjoyed himself thoroughly walling on the side of the waterhole.

The third picture is of Purple-crested Turcao, one of my favorite birds in South Africa, a “Purple-crested Beauty”.

More pictures will follow tomorrow. Have a great Sunday!

3 Replies to “Force of Nature, Rhino Spa and Purple Beauty”

  1. Great pictures. The Rhino is in heaven at this moment,relaxing from a hard day.Pure bliss! Awesome bird picture, he has so many colors it looks like a painters pallet. Enjoying seeing all the different species of birds,I’ve read there a hundreds species inS.A. Enjoy your time off.

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